The authentic Paprika from La Vera

an artisan product that maintains tradition

The three pillars that make Pimentón de La Vera unique


Its aroma is unmatched. When you open you will notice the difference. It smells of firewood, of the countryside, of tradition. It is where the enormous work of our farmers to dry it over low heat and with the best woods is most appreciated.


What our clients value the most. What makes it unique. It will turn any recipe into something special and different. It will transport you to another dimension of sensations.


The color of fire. Our Paprika is the one with the highest color stability in the world due to its traditional drying system. It maintains its red color much more than any other paprika.



traditional elaboration

Know the process

From cultivation to grinding, the Paprika from La Vera  goes through various stages of transformation.

protected designation of origin
The farmer plays a very important role in this work, as he is in charge of planting and harvesting from the fields the main material from which Pimentón de La Vera paprika is obtained.
and traditional smoking
It is a slow but essential process for the production of Pimentón de La Vera. In the drying sheds several lumbres are made to dry the peppers, the resulting smoke is what gives them their characteristic aroma.
various processes
After drying, the peppers are taken to the mill. There, the mills are in charge of transforming the peppers into powder until the desired colour of the Pimentón de La Vera is achieved.

passion for what is ours

In the best
floors of the
Region of La Vera

Since its inception, pepper cultivation has also spread to other areas in the north of Cáceres, such as the natural regions of Campo Arañuelo, Valle del Ambroz and Valle del Alagón.


A gastronomic product appreciated by the whole world

Thanks to its versatility, we can find La Vera paprika in different sectors.

In the best kitchens
Present in many restaurants around the world, its smoky flavour, aroma and beautiful colour take any recipe to another dimension of flavour.
Industrial processes
The meat and spice sectors rely on Pimentón de La Vera as a raw material for the preparation of their products, as it provides an exceptional flavour and colour.
Attractive product
Nowadays you can find in the market several products of Pimentón de La Vera to give a different touch to your recipes.

Our process